One a day

I’ve been continuing with a daily routine of creativity. 15 minutes a day – at least.

My postcards have continued, I’ve journalled each day this month, and I’ve also joined in with the iCAD inspiration.

Do you know about the latter? Tammy at Daisy Yellow has been posting prompts. I haven’t been following them, but I’ve used the format to expand upon a little project which will be revealed later this year. It’s still under wraps – heavily, in fact. But here is a little glimpse. Diary subscribers will learn more about it, probably tomorrow…..

097The things we do for ‘art’! Sometimes we just need a different format to take the next step. These are 3 x 5, whereas my postcards are 6 x 4.

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Just because I’m quiet……

…. Doesn’t mean that nothing is happening…..

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Now is the time …..

011….. to sign up for the journal group. The fun starts tomorrow.

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A bit of this and a bit of that.


Ready, but for what?

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And now for something a little different…..

Some of you may be aware that there is apparently a summer of sport. My immediate reaction is ‘Oh Joy!’ I’ve decided that I’m going to avoid it at all costs……… So, I’m going to start a new journal, and make it a summer of creativity instead. Anyone fancy joining me? I plan on posting a prompt each day – an easy prompt – and it can be interpreted any way you wish. Let me know if you think it’s a good idea. Not sure where the prompts will be yet, but once started they will be easy to find.

You can let me know by leaving a comment – or by completing the form on this post.

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The first layer

a bit of a smudge ….. but as this is only the first stage it really doesn’t matter!

If you have enjoyed any of these posts, or use the Be Creative Prompts in any shape or form, please consider showing your appreciation by giving a small donation to the Alzheimers Society here.

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Be Creative, June

The dates are set for the next Be Creative Weekend. I hope you will join us.

Be Creative is a celebration of creativity. All standards are welcome – it’s all about creating, not promoting. Please don’t join if you are only doing so because you will gain more customers/students/followers, advertising is NOT allowed – and members will be removed for flaunting the rules, which are actually very few. This link will take you to the page, but your application will have to be approved as it’s a private group. Leave a message below to let me know that you are applying.

This event will always be free on the internet, however, if you have enjoyed previous weekends, this month I am giving you the chance to show your appreciation by asking for a small donation to a good cause. You can read a little more here and also on the Just Giving page which is here.

So, when is Be Creative happening this month?

20th, 21st, 22nd June! Be there…… or, as they say, Be Square!

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