One a day

I’ve been continuing with a daily routine of creativity. 15 minutes a day – at least.

My postcards have continued, I’ve journalled each day this month, and I’ve also joined in with the iCAD inspiration.

Do you know about the latter? Tammy at Daisy Yellow has been posting prompts. I haven’t been following them, but I’ve used the format to expand upon a little project which will be revealed later this year. It’s still under wraps – heavily, in fact. But here is a little glimpse. Diary subscribers will learn more about it, probably tomorrow…..

097The things we do for ‘art’! Sometimes we just need a different format to take the next step. These are 3 x 5, whereas my postcards are 6 x 4.


About nuvofelt

I dye. Colour is my business and I using a variety of materials. I also enjoy enabling other creatives to enjoy their art. Some of my blogs are kept as daily records. Take a look and you will see.
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