Sugar is sweet


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Crochet – in colour


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Where to catch up!

I have been lax in posting links etc here, frankly I just forgot after a bout of illness last year. However, you can always find the posts by dropping in here. I thought this post, though, was a good one to share with all you very creative readers. I’ve copied it below in its entirety. Enjoy.

If you have followed any of the prompts on this blog you will know that I have tried to make you think differently about creativity. Thinking outside the box exercises the brain in many ways, and is highly recommended. It’s something I encourage with my grandchildren too – and their visits are usually filled with colour in some form or another. I was delighted, therefore to discover a book which seems to have a similar aim.


Anti Journal

I’ve dipped into my copy from time to time – not working through it from cover to cover, but just opening it and doing the page in front of me. I’m regarding each page as a work in progress, knowing that I’ll come back to some at a later date – and free to decide that others are already completed. Knowing when to stop is always a difficult skill to learn – but the ‘wait and see’ principle is a good one to follow.

My cover has changed since I bought it


and I’m sure that this is a work in progress more changes are imminent.

The content is varied – some ‘asking’ for colour and/or pattern


and others give the chance to be silly


It’s safe to say that a few pages will really stretch your creativity – while others can be easily filled, but that ‘outside the box’ opportunity is still there. I’m sharing this with you today because I’ve discovered that Amazon UK has an offer on the book at a ridiculously low price.

Guess where I’ll be doing my next ’15 minutes of creativity’!

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Colour Prompt 8

Continuing the weekly colour inspiration:

Use a minimum of 3 of these. Please link back to this post if you use them in your work

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Colour Prompt 7

A colour prompt to inspire you for the week ahead. How will you use it?

07 December 13

Don’t forget to link back to this page if you write about it on the internet, would love to see what you do.

Links to previous colour prompts can be found here.

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The first


We all lead such busy lives, don’t we? No time to post, but thankfully time to be ‘arty’ at least once a day, so the next few posts will be ‘catch ups’. The above is a cheat – I used an app, but it showed me where I was going wrong with my original attempt! Success!


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The end….



…… of another 100 days of creativity! Starting at 1 again tomorrow. It’s the way to get things done!

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